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50 Posts Wednesday!

Today is 50 posts Wednesday, and i celebrate my 50 posts with the most delicious and perfect cake i could find.

Jessica C (anon) . ow . airbrush fish

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Torontoist gave me a little article

THE TORONTOIST gave me a nice article in reference to the 8-bit Weezer Album i was part of. Try enjoying that.

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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since i posted in this thing.  I’ve been a little bit busy attempting to restore balance to the Magnivore Contingent and his reclusive platoon.  Needless to say.  I’ll be posting more.

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I received a very good review

Grubtunes gave me a very nice review!

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Why is it always that when you have to record and mix your EP, you hate all the songs and realize they dont’ really work…

This is sort of infuriating. I’m releaseing 2 songs on blocks recording club’s Building BLocks scenario, but suddenly its like my songs don’t take a guitar anymore. They’ve rejected the graft, and the white cells are dissolving any semblance of awesome… This is going to take a few days, which i dnt’ have.. ARGLRLGLRG

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Some great photos


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New video, 2 singles, very soon

By the end of the month, the masters to the 2 songs being released on building blocks (for blocks recording club) will be in their hands, and soonafter, in yours.  However, i’m also releasing a separate video signal, something i’ve concocted just recently, which is kind of a lovesong to my teenage years.  I’ve beta tested the song, and Alice likes it, so i think it’s good to go.  Expect a heart wrenching video of staggering genius.

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new Show, may 8th!


Here is a flyer with ALL the details of the show!

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So I forgot to…

So i forgot to mention that i had a show last night.  At the toronto comedy mainstay Sunday Night LIve where i was the musial act. Essentially, i was the “ladies and gentlemen, lilly allen!’ of the night. I saw a lot of flashes going off while singing, so i am assuming i’ll be uploading some fan pics in the near future. But mostly what came of the night was a proposal to get me to compose the score to a musical about vampires falling in love.

So prepare yourself for that.

possible titles…

Blood Ties?

Thicker than water… ?

Love and Moons and things?

Kissy suck love?

Take a Bite out of crime, and love?

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Show tonight – comedy bar!

TOnight i have a show called “The Dumbet Shit”.  I will be performing some of my dumbest shit.  GET READY, MIAMI!

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