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Omegle Conversation #1 – ZOXARQUEST

About a year ago i was introduced to OMEGLE. It’s like chatroulette, but without the genitals.

The following is a conversation i had with a real person.

Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi
Stranger: hello.
You: you are facing a door to the north
You: to your west is a table
You: there is a window facing south
You: what do you want to do?

You: press 1 to look at the table
You: press 2 to go through the door
You: press 3 to look through the window
Stranger: 3
You: you selected 1
Stranger: LOL
You: on the table are a bunch of pies
You: what do you do now?
You: you may press 1, 4, or H
Stranger: H
You: you (h)ang out with the pies, talking about life.
Stranger: ohh dam
You: would you like to play again? y/n?
Stranger: y.
You: YOu have selected 2, go through the door
You: as you walk through the door, you are warmed by the gentle rays and genital rays of the warm Ohio sun. What is the ohio sun doing in Zaxar, you ask yourself
Stranger: and then?
You: game over, you do not know what to do.
You: Do you want to bond with your father? Y/N?
Stranger: N
You: Your father walks into the room, hold ing a baseball
You: “Hello son” he says.
You: his long brown moustache curling with his warm breath as he breathes out. “Do you want to play baseball catch?”
You: you may select J, or 9
Stranger: 9
You: you throw the ball and catch it 9 times.
You: your father/son(daughter?) level has reached 9 bonding units
You: you are now “family”
You: congratulations, family is the only solution to Zaxarquest
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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One Response to “Omegle Conversation #1 – ZOXARQUEST”

  1. John Funnyon Sep 16th 2010 at 10:39 pm

    The humor was not lost on me and my chuckle-horse enjoyed a good workout akin to weight training.

    Also, try our wonderful paste sauce here:


    I’m sure a man of you tastes will love it. It tastes like 100% paste, but you’ll feel like spiders.

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