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Remember to vote

Remember to vote for me in the CBC LOL CLASH You can vote in the side bar.

Edit: thank you for your votes so far. However, like those before me, I seem no match for FLuffee. Kudos to him and his fans for really getting out the vote, and kudos for you guys for supporting me in this david and goliath struggle.

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Chewbacca riding a squirrel fighting Nazis – for real

Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis.

What is so good about this painting is every element.

I can’t decide if this is retarded, proving humanity’s right to assisted suicide, or if its awesome, proving that aliens should not destroy the planet.

Leave a comment, let me know what you think

Thanks to Kotaku

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CBC competition, vote for me!


Go here, and vote for me (david dineen-porter) in matchup 3.

I need this!

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Possible new web series in the works?

[4:09:02 PM] slorrin says: hi
[4:09:10 PM] James Hartnett says: hey ddp
[4:09:19 PM] slorrin says: how are you?
[4:09:56 PM] James Hartnett says: pretty good thanks…you?
[4:11:21 PM] slorrin says: oh, can’t complain, can’t complain
[4:11:23 PM] slorrin says: lovely weather we’re having
[4:11:30 PM] James Hartnett says: i hear its very warm
[4:11:35 PM] slorrin says: that it is, that it is.
[4:11:55 PM] James Hartnett says: lovely to chat
[4:12:01 PM] slorrin says: say, have you made up your mind about this big vote about boinetic implants? I hear the Dosai really made a good case at the Agora today
[4:12:39 PM] James Hartnett says: I’m voting yes. Why shouldn’t the Dosai be able to implant whatever they want inside of us?
[4:12:51 PM] slorrin says: too true
[4:13:01 PM] slorrin says: these radicals don’t understand that he has our best interests at heart
[4:13:29 PM] James Hartnett says: of course. we want for nothing!
[4:13:43 PM] James Hartnett says: well except for trifillium, but that goes without saying
[4:14:29 PM] slorrin says: yes. Shame about the Diraxial Moon explosion
[4:14:57 PM] slorrin says: still, i’m happier without trifillium. now i can get outdoors, ride my bike. I felt a bit like a prisoner, being sustained in that trifillium cube all day
[4:15:03 PM] James Hartnett says: well, i’m sure the dosai will find new ways of extracting trifillum
[4:15:09 PM] James Hartnett says: hahaha
[4:15:32 PM] James Hartnett says: me, I miss the cube. outside the cube is too much bother, i say
[4:15:38 PM] slorrin says: you know, with bionetic implants, i don’t think we’ll need it.
[4:15:58 PM] James Hartnett says: trifillium?
[4:16:02 PM] slorrin says: from what i hear, they harvest microorganisms from the air we breathe and the water we drink and turn them into a trifillium substitute
[4:16:11 PM] slorrin says: either way, as long as the Dosai says yes, i’ll put it in my body.
[4:16:27 PM] slorrin says: IF he doesnt’ want me to ride my bike anymore, so be it.
[4:16:41 PM] slorrin says: he knows more than I do, he sees the whole city at once. how could i possibly know what effect i’m having.
[4:17:05 PM] James Hartnett says: hahhaha
[4:17:24 PM] James Hartnett says: is anyone foolish enough to challenge the dosai?
[4:18:02 PM] slorrin says: only Gudrun and his Privateers
[4:18:18 PM] James Hartnett says: Shh!
[4:18:20 PM] slorrin says: still, they inhabit the wasteland outside the Ivory Gate
[4:18:26 PM] slorrin says: no danger to us in here
[4:18:34 PM] James Hartnett says: I was being fecetious!
[4:18:39 PM] slorrin says: oh, of course
[4:18:40 PM] slorrin says: sorry
[4:18:47 PM] James Hartnett says: haha
[4:21:08 PM] slorrin says: still. nice weather under the dome
[4:22:00 PM] James Hartnett says: true. Nice to have the dome in addition to the cubes.
[4:27:22 PM] James Hartnett says: well im going to log off to eat.. small harvest this autumn so we have to make the most of it eh
[4:28:23 PM] James Hartnett says: (through no fault of the dosai of course)
[4:29:02 PM] slorrin says: if anything, the dosai is the reason we have any harvest at all
[4:29:12 PM] slorrin says: Gurdun and his privateers would have us starve
[4:29:21 PM] slorrin says: Curse the Black Ship Morrain
[4:30:42 PM] James Hartnett says: hahahah
[4:30:48 PM] James Hartnett says: im saving this conversation
[4:31:28 PM] James Hartnett says: i might put this on my website…this is the best
[4:31:29 PM] slorrin says: for the dosai’s records
[4:31:32 PM] James Hartnett says: hahahah

I bet we could turn this world into a 6 part sci fi web series with some green screens and some tinfoil. What say you?

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A bunch of new things are immanent. Including a few vidoes with Playboy model Reby Skye. A video with Jim Tozzi of PFFR/Squidfamily Productions, a second video with the same, some new songs, and a new article on Gasses.

Stay tuned.

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All songwriters: a challenge

A long time ago, infact, december of 2005, i thought i had lost my ability to write songs.  To get over it, i decided to end December with 30 songs.  Thus, the 30 songs in 30 days challenge was born (31 hath december).  So i brought it to 8bc.org, a chiptune website, at some point.  Now we’re all doing it again, but this time, it’s gone high tech.

churchofinternet.com/30s30d has a system for you to upload your songs and share the glory with all participants.

The purpose of this excercise is to get you out of your editorial brain, and into your creative unconscious.  This works, but only if you let it.  So do it, let it.  Unlock a giant within!

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Some photos of me

Me at Bowzer Attacks 2

Me at Bowzer Attacks 2

Toy Company 5

Toy Company 5

Toy Company 5 again

Toy Company 5 again

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Making things easier and new links

I’m gradually creating category related images, so you can easily see what type of post i’ve posted, by the lovely icon in the post. Also, i’ve updated my blogroll so you can see the kind of things i’m interested in, and that i think you’ll be interested in.


Also, due to my barfing from both ends many times today, i will not be at Laugh Sabbath this weekend :( My wishes go out to everyone.

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Musical Tribute to PDF Format by Retroboy Timo

Give the song a chance, it really just builds and builds, and its truly a kind hearted thing! there’s a great key change partway through the last dancey phase!

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Girl and Boy 90s party is TOMORROW NIGHT (sept 6)

Girl and Boy is toronto’s newest and soon to be best 90s party there is.

WE have brit pop, hip hop, rnb, striaght up pop, alternative pop, and everything you remember from junior high.

Come, Sept 6, to Clintons at 693 Bloor, 10 PM, 5$

Dance your body to hell and back.

If you are attending Lest Get Hot at the Rivoli, this would make a great place to go after that!


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