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Ghost Days

funny post From twitter.com/pdfformat

Ghost Days

• Kevin eyed the ghost and had an idea. “What if we work together?” Kevin and the Ghost are now both 20 years old. #ghostdays

• “Go long, Ghost!” said kevin. The ghost misunderstood and he stretched his body out very long. The football is now in this museum #ghostdays

• “I like girls, I mean, ghouls!” said Ghost at the sleepover. Kevin was already asleep, so ghost surfed the net then crashed. #ghostdays

• I’m not sure my dad loves me, kevin revealed. The ghost could talk in kevin’s dad’s voice, so he said “I’m a ghost!” in it. #ghostdays

• Even if it was just ionization, hugging the ghost was the best feeling Kevin ever felt indoors. Summer was almost over. #ghostdays

• They looked at the fish nipping at the lake’s surface like they were eating the constellations reflected in it. We were at peace #ghostdays

• WHen the ghost told me it was time for me to see his “special secret”, i was hesitant. But, In the forest depths he showed me his skeleton.

• “I was killed by robbers and left here to bake in the sun, but all of that is over now, now that I have you” said the ghost #ghostdays

• I’ll never forget how that ghost somehow put me in his skeleton and took my body and runs a store now. Ahh, summer. #ghostdays

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