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Improvised Novel

Transcript form #8BC

<infradead> old school
<PDF_Laptop> well, the cheques i got when i signed up didnt’ have any number, you hdad to write it in.. this would be about.. 2008?
<PDF_Laptop> then a couple weeks later, a book of cheques arrived in the mail
<PDF_Laptop> with a note
<rhinostrich> cheques. :x
<infradead> i didn’t say they were mine..  they’re from some bank that probablys  been gone for yeas.
<PDF_Laptop> written in a script i could easily identify as that of doctor mabruk
<PDF_Laptop> but it was impossible
<PDF_Laptop> he was dead
<PDF_Laptop> needless to say, i brought the cheques to Leiutennant O’Reilly at 4 division immediately
<PDF_Laptop> he insisted we send them to the yard, but.. i wasn’t so sure.
<infradead> O’Reilly’s a good chap
<PDF_Laptop> if Mabruk wasn’t dead, and if he was back in London, then he would certainly have someone at he Yard keeping an eye out..
<infradead> he helped me when my cat went missing
<PDF_Laptop> no, it was better keep this between s, keep our eyes open, and see what came of it.
<PDF_Laptop> Chapter 2: Mabruk’s return.
<infradead> ay ya ya…  that Marburk affair was a mess
<PDF_Laptop> oSome weeks passed before i heard the name Mabruk again.  I had even begun sleeping easy, assuming that the book of custom sailboat cheques from the Bank of England were merely preordered, sent before Mabruk’s explosive failure on the Commuter Zeppelin from prague.
<PDF_Laptop> However, my ease and peace of mind was to be impinged upon by the cold vice of reality.
<PDF_Laptop> a Knock came at my study door
<PDF_Laptop> “Yum yum” i said, as though i was tasting something.
<PDF_Laptop> no reply
<PDF_Laptop> “I said… YUM YUM”
<infradead> <3
<PDF_Laptop> a cautious head poked through an increasingly ajar doorway.
<PDF_Laptop> “Did you say i could come in?”
<PDF_Laptop> “What else does yum yum mean?”
<PDF_Laptop> I didnt’ recognize him.  He was wearing a mask.  That was probably why.  Still.  He didn’t have any of the arms i usually associated with the human frame
<PDF_Laptop> THough, he did have all the legs, and then some.
<PDF_Laptop> “Many legs today, eh?”
–> Dream_Soda (chatzilla@bas2-montreal45-1177828532.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #8bc
<PDF_Laptop> he looked down at all those legs. “Oh.. yeas.. i’ve got quite a few i guess.  Look, are you Professor DeBrynn?  If so, i’ve got a lot more legs than you, and i wanted to tell you that, face to face.”
<tristendo> peace all
<PDF_Laptop> Chapter 3: Whither legs.
<PDF_Laptop> TBC

enjoy the beginning of my new Prof. DeBrynn mystery, Many Leggs, Many Mabruks.

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