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Morning Jokes

I’ll try to write jokes every morning.

Here are the morning jokes.  I wrote them on twitter i guess…

“What’s hope?” asked the boy. I didn’t know what to tell him, or what to kisstell to him. So, yes, it was just frenching, officer.

I may be the @Anamanaguchi of Canada. Then again, I may be the Curtain Miser of Mount Drapes. You’ll have to wink at my blinkport to know.

@stephenfry I got a new job typing out audiobooks for deaf people. I also set up a charity to congratulate me with sentient smiles.

“I like this movie” I sang. “SHUT UP” said the audience. But songtruth can not be silenced by talktruth.

Winter is the cruellest month. No wait. Her name was April. And it wasn’t month. Or Cruel. Or April. Susan was the shortest Chef.

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