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Why is it always that when you have to record and mix your EP, you hate all the songs and realize they dont’ really work…

This is sort of infuriating. I’m releaseing 2 songs on blocks recording club’s Building BLocks scenario, but suddenly its like my songs don’t take a guitar anymore. They’ve rejected the graft, and the white cells are dissolving any semblance of awesome… This is going to take a few days, which i dnt’ have.. ARGLRLGLRG

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3 Responses to “Recording”

  1. Gardelleon Apr 15th 2009 at 6:16 pm

    ey man, ya i know what u goin thru
    after my baby-mama died i made a album tribute but da harp wasnt mixing too well

    really pissed me off man

    keep ya head up man like tupac
    evrything gonna be alrite like bob marlie

  2. Suzanna Patuellion Apr 17th 2009 at 9:44 am

    David, that sounds utterly terrible, I’m so sorry to hear that. I stumbled across this site while searching for zesty recipes – I’ve been cooking salmon the same way for 15 years and just wanted to make a marinade with a little more zing and wound up here. Your testimony made me weep, I dare say, for at least half an hour.

    I don’t really understand the technical ins-and-outs of recording, so all I can tell you is to pray. As a woman from a strong Catholic family (my father used to punch me in the face and breasts if I got anything less than an A on any test I did, up until college and well beyond college, even now, as I work in an office, if I don’t get a raise every year, he’ll smite me but I know it comes from a place of love), I use faith to see me through a lot of situations, be they tragic or tender.

    Tell you what, I wish you the best life has to offer in your block club, and you wish me luck finding a darned good recipe for my salmon marinade. Feel free to call my cell phone or office line at any time to let me know how things turned out. I’m also leaving my home number, but please don’t call – my husband will think something is afoot.

    Peace, love, understanding, all my wishes, and all the fruits of His great bounty (our sins for which he died)

    Suzanna P.

    647-732-3321 (cell)
    416-552-1102 x223 (office)
    416-988-7632 (home)

  3. PDFon Apr 17th 2009 at 11:00 am

    Thank you for your understanding and kindness. I possess only the deepest sympathy for your salmon woes. Have you tried a north atlantic balsamic marinade? It’s a mixture of the deep textures of the North Sea cultures (Nordic) and the light zest of the Azores. Take two whole lemons, one clove of garlic, light olive oil, and a find dark ale. A lager will also work, but an ale will provide greater penetration into the oceanic meat.

    Provide a few moments to let each of the ingredients to prepare themself once cut.

    Slice the lemons in half. Now, dice the garlic and crush against the sharp edge of the knife to create a paste. This is important, do this on a cutting board with salt on it, as the salt provides the friction necessary to grind down the garlic into its useful paste form. Next, in a bowel, pour out about 5/17ths of the ale, just eyeball it, and scrape the garlic paste into it. Mix abbrasivly with sharp motions until the garlic isnt’ discernible in the lager. Then, submerge the fillet into the ale. I shoudl have said ale in the last sentence, but i said lager, so please forgive me. I know your generous heart can manage it (generous in spirit, but not in size, i hope. However, if heart enalrgement runs in your family, please call Doctor Aaron Szpindel at the York Region Health and Family Dental Clinic, (905) 853-9985, and ask for Barb. Tell her to book you an appointment for an ECG and a sonogram with tracer to measure flow rates and muscle fibre density.)

    Allow the fish to steep in the ale until elements of the fish begin to raise off. Its hard to explain, but it appears as though the fish is trying to separete itself into layers. After this, pan sear the choice British Columbia cut of red salmon in a castiron pan treated with oil. After a full minute, add the lemon juice from one half of the lemon.. turn, the next half of the lemon is then added, turn again, add the next half lemon, then turn again, for the final half. All 4 sides should be thus treated.

    You’ll find yourself whisked away on a fresh seasonal journey to the lost continent of Atlantis, and you’ll also be able to serve this to any priest or cardinal who might happen by your home. It’s a perfect to calm down a father or husband who accurately lands punches on any chest/face/neck or breast area region of the catholic body.

    I hope you feel well and your love is growing day by day with a faith in christ the redeemer and his intercessor, the virgin Mary.

    PDF Format,
    Block Club Representative
    Regional Office 335

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