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Day 1: The Dawn.

futureccapeThe year of Mal’kabir’s second magnateship, Celbris the 94th.

As the river of sun’s blood pours over the grains of hunk-rice, the rice that makes us handsome, I lay there sleeping, writing this journal with the torpidscraller, retrieved from the Axol tempest in last year’s adventure. Torpid though i lay, supine in my attitude, I clearly envisaged a dark eye, blinking in a swiling void of lightless horror. That eye. What could it mean?

Waking, i felt the night’s unease on my body like strands of kaltor beast residue after the festival’s joyous torments and liquid sprayings. What could this eye mean? What could its symbolism be? Presuming, like all eyes in this, starnge and unfamiliar fantasy raelm that i live in, it was merely a symbol, and not some kind of hypothetical “Seeing aparatus” the teenagers go on and on about.

I visionscreamed the room with my auralon duct, slender feathered reflections occured and i was surrounded by the image of an unfamiliar space. This wasnt’ my room. Where was I? And why did i still have my torpidscraller?

it was then that the Ixtx made their presence known to me. Throwing back the curtain and flashing the horrible sunlight across my cute little belly, and dousing me in greeting streams, i stood with a shock.

“Don’t be startled. We mean you no sharms”, they stated. I was relieved, as sharms were the worst. “We simlpy need to employ you, temporarily. Please, ingest a recumbant tablet. You’ll experience the sensation of having a relaxing sit-down with us, but we wont’ ahve to get into any of that nasty business of defing by treaty when we do and do not possess laps. I mean, you have a lap when you sit down, and you dont’ ahve a lap when you stand up, but, at what point do you consider the lap has been created, or destroyed. Or do you follow the concept that laps can neither be created, nor destroyed, merely convereted from one type of thighspace to another. But this is purely academic, as thighs are things best discussed in school. No. We have a task for you.”

I readied myself for some kind of unwanted anal sex, but like most anal sex, it was anal sex that never occurred….

to be continued….

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  1. Edward Shallowon Aug 25th 2009 at 1:14 am

    I had a sandwich like that once.

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