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New Film by Me – Animal Cruelty

Here you go, a new video on a subject i care deeply about.

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Anthony Weiner goes INSANE on Senate floor, brilliant

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YouTube Direct Style   The Gentleman will observe regular order!

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L’Brondelle’s Universe tries out Funny or Die

I hear this is how everyone gets a TV show.  They get funny or die to give them one.

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L’Brondelle Pilot, my friend

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3 moons

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YouTube Direct Style  In soviet russia, we have three moons This video is interesting and shows some of the wonders of soviet technology. However, watch the ‘star lit sky’ during the final segment, when they are showing the audio cassette. Is it strange that in soviet russia, they have 3 moons?

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Retardation from new york

Create Your Own

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Old but funny – Graham Wagner

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Feist is next

If you thought i didnt’ shoot a film with Feist, think again.

This is not that film, however, this is A film.

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YouTube Direct Style  FUCK

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Bitter End Ep2 – Second Chances

THE BITTER END – EPISODE 2: Second Chances from The Bitter End on Vimeo.

I laughed and someone heard it, so it must have been out loud.

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The Bitter End – EPISODE 1

My very funny friend, who says he’s not a comedian (but he is. Oh he surely is), Dan Beirne, has created this wonderful web series. Episode 1 made me do laughs right out of my shirt.

THE BITTER END – EPISODE 1: Casual Encounters from The Bitter End on Vimeo.

If you dont’ like this, your tastes are different than mine.

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