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Sarberiankh Update: my dumbest thing yet

This is not remotely fleshed out yet, but here’s a stupid thing I added to the wiki.


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Sarberiankh article begins: The Sympath

The Sympath, an annoying form of psychic or telepath that irritatingly aknowledges the emotions of others.

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Way more sarberiankh actions

MOre and more action. Now you can add the sarberiankh search engine to your firefox or IE 7 search bar. Congrats. There are some user skins, if you dont’ like the default (i’m planning on changing the default soon anyway, now that its all working). And of course, i’ve added many new articles.

for instance.






Enjoy! and one more thing. Users and non users alike now have permission to defile the wiki discussion pages with any random stupid thing they want. When i get to pages about abortion, or george bush, i hope you will help ruin the site.

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Many Sarberiankh updates

I wont’ go through them all, but you can check them out HERE

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Some great photos


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Updates to the Sarberiankh

More information has appeared on the Sarberiankh. In the following categories and locations

The Respectagon
The 4th Law of Thermodynamics (A.K.A. Clown Death)

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