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Possible new web series in the works?

[4:09:02 PM] slorrin says: hi
[4:09:10 PM] James Hartnett says: hey ddp
[4:09:19 PM] slorrin says: how are you?
[4:09:56 PM] James Hartnett says: pretty good thanks…you?
[4:11:21 PM] slorrin says: oh, can’t complain, can’t complain
[4:11:23 PM] slorrin says: lovely weather we’re having
[4:11:30 PM] James Hartnett says: i hear its very warm
[4:11:35 PM] slorrin says: that it is, that it is.
[4:11:55 PM] James Hartnett says: lovely to chat
[4:12:01 PM] slorrin says: say, have you made up your mind about this big vote about boinetic implants? I hear the Dosai really made a good case at the Agora today
[4:12:39 PM] James Hartnett says: I’m voting yes. Why shouldn’t the Dosai be able to implant whatever they want inside of us?
[4:12:51 PM] slorrin says: too true
[4:13:01 PM] slorrin says: these radicals don’t understand that he has our best interests at heart
[4:13:29 PM] James Hartnett says: of course. we want for nothing!
[4:13:43 PM] James Hartnett says: well except for trifillium, but that goes without saying
[4:14:29 PM] slorrin says: yes. Shame about the Diraxial Moon explosion
[4:14:57 PM] slorrin says: still, i’m happier without trifillium. now i can get outdoors, ride my bike. I felt a bit like a prisoner, being sustained in that trifillium cube all day
[4:15:03 PM] James Hartnett says: well, i’m sure the dosai will find new ways of extracting trifillum
[4:15:09 PM] James Hartnett says: hahaha
[4:15:32 PM] James Hartnett says: me, I miss the cube. outside the cube is too much bother, i say
[4:15:38 PM] slorrin says: you know, with bionetic implants, i don’t think we’ll need it.
[4:15:58 PM] James Hartnett says: trifillium?
[4:16:02 PM] slorrin says: from what i hear, they harvest microorganisms from the air we breathe and the water we drink and turn them into a trifillium substitute
[4:16:11 PM] slorrin says: either way, as long as the Dosai says yes, i’ll put it in my body.
[4:16:27 PM] slorrin says: IF he doesnt’ want me to ride my bike anymore, so be it.
[4:16:41 PM] slorrin says: he knows more than I do, he sees the whole city at once. how could i possibly know what effect i’m having.
[4:17:05 PM] James Hartnett says: hahhaha
[4:17:24 PM] James Hartnett says: is anyone foolish enough to challenge the dosai?
[4:18:02 PM] slorrin says: only Gudrun and his Privateers
[4:18:18 PM] James Hartnett says: Shh!
[4:18:20 PM] slorrin says: still, they inhabit the wasteland outside the Ivory Gate
[4:18:26 PM] slorrin says: no danger to us in here
[4:18:34 PM] James Hartnett says: I was being fecetious!
[4:18:39 PM] slorrin says: oh, of course
[4:18:40 PM] slorrin says: sorry
[4:18:47 PM] James Hartnett says: haha
[4:21:08 PM] slorrin says: still. nice weather under the dome
[4:22:00 PM] James Hartnett says: true. Nice to have the dome in addition to the cubes.
[4:27:22 PM] James Hartnett says: well im going to log off to eat.. small harvest this autumn so we have to make the most of it eh
[4:28:23 PM] James Hartnett says: (through no fault of the dosai of course)
[4:29:02 PM] slorrin says: if anything, the dosai is the reason we have any harvest at all
[4:29:12 PM] slorrin says: Gurdun and his privateers would have us starve
[4:29:21 PM] slorrin says: Curse the Black Ship Morrain
[4:30:42 PM] James Hartnett says: hahahah
[4:30:48 PM] James Hartnett says: im saving this conversation
[4:31:28 PM] James Hartnett says: i might put this on my website…this is the best
[4:31:29 PM] slorrin says: for the dosai’s records
[4:31:32 PM] James Hartnett says: hahahah

I bet we could turn this world into a 6 part sci fi web series with some green screens and some tinfoil. What say you?

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The Future of Art

The future of art

Here is just a little speculative essay based on my disciplines in history and sociology. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

First of all, it should be noted that there are 2 dominant theories about the “emergence” of ADHD. Psychiatrists assume that ADHD has always existed, it obviously didn’t evolve in the 1980s, however, since about 2% of adults have ADHD, the question arose if it was part of the neurotypology of mankind, just a variety of normal, or some kind of “other” neurology. It’s debated quite hotly whether alternative neurologies, such as autism, adhd, bipolar, etc… are abnormal or malfunctioning brains, or simply part of the spectrum of natural neurologies. One school argues that ADHD actually represents the “norm” for humans. There is an argument that essentially all humans were impulsive, exploratory, creative, impatient, and strongly emotional, with personal initiative.

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