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The most obvious thing.

You’re in a town, and it’s raining, hard. You have two dams holding back the water, but enough money to repair only one. Thankfully, only one starts to break. So you repair the one that is fine, in perfect working order. You reward success, not failure. You let the leaking one fall apart, blame it for not holding together. You tout the example of the dam that is now double reinforced, a proud dam, that deserves to stand tall because because it’s harder working. And you never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever figure out why you’re up to your neck in water.

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The Future of Art

The future of art

Here is just a little speculative essay based on my disciplines in history and sociology. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

First of all, it should be noted that there are 2 dominant theories about the “emergence” of ADHD. Psychiatrists assume that ADHD has always existed, it obviously didn’t evolve in the 1980s, however, since about 2% of adults have ADHD, the question arose if it was part of the neurotypology of mankind, just a variety of normal, or some kind of “other” neurology. It’s debated quite hotly whether alternative neurologies, such as autism, adhd, bipolar, etc… are abnormal or malfunctioning brains, or simply part of the spectrum of natural neurologies. One school argues that ADHD actually represents the “norm” for humans. There is an argument that essentially all humans were impulsive, exploratory, creative, impatient, and strongly emotional, with personal initiative.

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I think….

I think if your teens are years of believing you know everything, but being entirely subject to your emotions as though they were external conditions, and your early 20s is realizing you have some say in how you feel, but you know more than older people becuase they’ve given up and stopped experimenting, just shifting into neutral and becoming what philip k dick called androids (in that essay on how people and androids are the same organism with different mindsets), then the late 20s and early 30s are being so happy that your expeirment succeeded that you continue, rewarded that doing things your own way worked, or being so miserable that your experiment failed that you give in and learn ‘society’s way’.  Young people are right, not old people.  They are right, and have to live an extra 50 years to learn how right they used to be before they became very wrong.  What a terrible punishment.  Do people not tell young people they’re right because they’re embarassed that they gave up?

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An old map

Old map

My teenage years

Check out this old map i drew when i was 19

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A terrible nonsense poem

I’m the guy who posts his own poems online. this one is about drawings of clothes that can eat wood.

Trumpuant old bratriarchs did aplutarp their friends,
when astrogothic misanlips were worply on the mend.
So Mantagorianius and Vilkar of the North,
extrafoluated, and on their horses sallied forth.
“Grelhere” he snaped his miterfork, grelhering all the while,
“I grelhere to utmost max, and yet perforce grelhere in style.”
The Bulwark of the North, Vilkar, was mightily impressed,
and on a wooden table top he scribed little vest,
a pair of slacks, and borlant straps to keep them all athwaite.
Maltruviantic periworts began to integrate
themselves into the dia-gram of gramo-dia-cloths,
the type defined by treaty as those victimized by moths,
the type that, when encountered carved upon a table top
must hastily erasured-be by table ‘rasing cops.
The force of table ‘rasers raced their tabular tontoons
toward the little sketch of vest and straps and pantaloons,
but Mantagorianius rose high his sabre’s spear!
And shouted in a voice both soft and low and high and clear,
“Dear sirs! Grelhere, grelhere at once, don’t rantipariate!
These scribbled scrabbles scrumbled ‘pon this table here of late
are little more than dendrophagographic vest-i-ments,
And gazing ‘pon them suddenly not 15 moments hence
you shall not see these clothes, defined by law as heinous things!
But wait and wait, vesperiate, ’till the moment-weasel sings!”
Waited they amongst the tables on the table trees,
A whistling, sitting deep in saddles, leaning at their ease,
until the weasel weaseled out to sing his weasel song.
Some moments had transpired, 15 full and aptly long.
Turning they their gazes down to oculate but good,
there somehow all the clothing drawn had eaten all the wood.
So Mantagorianius and Vilkar of the North
excused themselves from Hepstiburt and Amilcar the 4th,
those Erasing Cops who had this afternoon enforced
the dictates of the Lemon-Man their matriarch divorced.

You’ve heard the legends say that if you leave here, don’t look back,
keep facing to your destination down the trodden track,
don’t hearken to the snigglements of Periworts behind,
or turning round you’ll view a sight to nullify your mind!
Facing you a riddle whose solution no one knows…
why Maltruviantic Perwirorts are wearing little clothes


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The Gold Double Standard

After reading This articles about some state representative wanting to abolish federal “paper money” in favor of a state wide gold and silver coinage. His reasoning is that gold and silver have real value, they are something you can “hold in your hand” and “barter with”. This is in no way similar to “paper with ink on it” as he calls bank notes. Bank notes can’t be held in the hand, and certainly can’t be used to barter.

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an interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh

thinkerI was recently rereading this ancient epic and reconsidering my original interpretation of it. When i first read it, i was 18 years old, i had just read beowulf, i was reading the iliad and the fairie queen, and had earlier that year read hero with a thousand faces, by joseph campbell. Naturally, i read the epic as campbell had, as any starwars enthused teenager would; i read it as a hero’s journey. A man with great gifts confronts a variety of trials and interacts with gods to return with a boon. Nevermind that gilgamesh didnt’ return with a boon, was no hero, and only laterally interacted gods. I was convinced, and didn’t really think about it. but age has a way of whittling away a lot of what we think when we are younger. It pears off our opinions as easily as it does our dreams and ideals. And then, on the toilet, you read a passage in gilgamesh, and you realize you had it all wrong.

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Bachelor’s Degrees

In the united states, i discovered, you can get a 2nd bachelor’s degree, after your first, in just a year or two. They dont’ make you take a real full degree. You just have to take a couple new courses, and you can use all your old courses, which you graduated with, AGAIN. Why not just give someone 5 bachelor’s degrees the first time around if you’re giving them away without any work the 2nd time? The point of a bachelor’s degree is to spend 4 years working. Not to get a couple courses that teach you about german history, but to LAST for 4 years. a 2nd degree in under 4 years is cheating.

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Today i had a healthscare, but the doctors said “its nothing.”

What does that mean? I wish i had the power to derealize things and demanifest things just be declaring them nothing. “You’re not actually dying. You’re not actually awake. This is not actually a kiss (leans in for kiss).”

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64 bit

The upgrade to 64 bit computing has been relatively smooth. Of course, my old midi keyboard won’t work, but then again, who needs things to work?

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