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I think….

I think if your teens are years of believing you know everything, but being entirely subject to your emotions as though they were external conditions, and your early 20s is realizing you have some say in how you feel, but you know more than older people becuase they’ve given up and stopped experimenting, just shifting into neutral and becoming what philip k dick called androids (in that essay on how people and androids are the same organism with different mindsets), then the late 20s and early 30s are being so happy that your expeirment succeeded that you continue, rewarded that doing things your own way worked, or being so miserable that your experiment failed that you give in and learn ‘society’s way’.  Young people are right, not old people.  They are right, and have to live an extra 50 years to learn how right they used to be before they became very wrong.  What a terrible punishment.  Do people not tell young people they’re right because they’re embarassed that they gave up?

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