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Possible new web series in the works?

[4:09:02 PM] slorrin says: hi
[4:09:10 PM] James Hartnett says: hey ddp
[4:09:19 PM] slorrin says: how are you?
[4:09:56 PM] James Hartnett says: pretty good thanks…you?
[4:11:21 PM] slorrin says: oh, can’t complain, can’t complain
[4:11:23 PM] slorrin says: lovely weather we’re having
[4:11:30 PM] James Hartnett says: i hear its very warm
[4:11:35 PM] slorrin says: that it is, that it is.
[4:11:55 PM] James Hartnett says: lovely to chat
[4:12:01 PM] slorrin says: say, have you made up your mind about this big vote about boinetic implants? I hear the Dosai really made a good case at the Agora today
[4:12:39 PM] James Hartnett says: I’m voting yes. Why shouldn’t the Dosai be able to implant whatever they want inside of us?
[4:12:51 PM] slorrin says: too true
[4:13:01 PM] slorrin says: these radicals don’t understand that he has our best interests at heart
[4:13:29 PM] James Hartnett says: of course. we want for nothing!
[4:13:43 PM] James Hartnett says: well except for trifillium, but that goes without saying
[4:14:29 PM] slorrin says: yes. Shame about the Diraxial Moon explosion
[4:14:57 PM] slorrin says: still, i’m happier without trifillium. now i can get outdoors, ride my bike. I felt a bit like a prisoner, being sustained in that trifillium cube all day
[4:15:03 PM] James Hartnett says: well, i’m sure the dosai will find new ways of extracting trifillum
[4:15:09 PM] James Hartnett says: hahaha
[4:15:32 PM] James Hartnett says: me, I miss the cube. outside the cube is too much bother, i say
[4:15:38 PM] slorrin says: you know, with bionetic implants, i don’t think we’ll need it.
[4:15:58 PM] James Hartnett says: trifillium?
[4:16:02 PM] slorrin says: from what i hear, they harvest microorganisms from the air we breathe and the water we drink and turn them into a trifillium substitute
[4:16:11 PM] slorrin says: either way, as long as the Dosai says yes, i’ll put it in my body.
[4:16:27 PM] slorrin says: IF he doesnt’ want me to ride my bike anymore, so be it.
[4:16:41 PM] slorrin says: he knows more than I do, he sees the whole city at once. how could i possibly know what effect i’m having.
[4:17:05 PM] James Hartnett says: hahhaha
[4:17:24 PM] James Hartnett says: is anyone foolish enough to challenge the dosai?
[4:18:02 PM] slorrin says: only Gudrun and his Privateers
[4:18:18 PM] James Hartnett says: Shh!
[4:18:20 PM] slorrin says: still, they inhabit the wasteland outside the Ivory Gate
[4:18:26 PM] slorrin says: no danger to us in here
[4:18:34 PM] James Hartnett says: I was being fecetious!
[4:18:39 PM] slorrin says: oh, of course
[4:18:40 PM] slorrin says: sorry
[4:18:47 PM] James Hartnett says: haha
[4:21:08 PM] slorrin says: still. nice weather under the dome
[4:22:00 PM] James Hartnett says: true. Nice to have the dome in addition to the cubes.
[4:27:22 PM] James Hartnett says: well im going to log off to eat.. small harvest this autumn so we have to make the most of it eh
[4:28:23 PM] James Hartnett says: (through no fault of the dosai of course)
[4:29:02 PM] slorrin says: if anything, the dosai is the reason we have any harvest at all
[4:29:12 PM] slorrin says: Gurdun and his privateers would have us starve
[4:29:21 PM] slorrin says: Curse the Black Ship Morrain
[4:30:42 PM] James Hartnett says: hahahah
[4:30:48 PM] James Hartnett says: im saving this conversation
[4:31:28 PM] James Hartnett says: i might put this on my website…this is the best
[4:31:29 PM] slorrin says: for the dosai’s records
[4:31:32 PM] James Hartnett says: hahahah

I bet we could turn this world into a 6 part sci fi web series with some green screens and some tinfoil. What say you?

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Sketch from 2004 – Onion Deprivation Tank

I found this and i thought it was funny. A relic from a bygone age when we all did sketch because it was the best and we weren’t bitter

A journalist walks with a scientist through his lab, inspecting various objects, finally stopping in front of a large box with a door on the front.

Interviewer: What is this?

Dr: This is my onion deprivation tank.

Interviewer: Interesting. how does it work.

Dr: I close these doors, the person in the tank is totally deprived of contact with onions.

Interviewer: I gotta say, it smells a lot like onions.

Dr: Well, it is full of onions. It’s also made of onions.

Interviewer: In what way is that an onion deprivation tank?

Dr has no answer.

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L’Brondelle’s Universe tries out Funny or Die

I hear this is how everyone gets a TV show.  They get funny or die to give them one.

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Day 28: The Freshmaker

futureccapeWhen last we encountered our hero, he was dead, in the sparsely populated afterlife of frown ejecta.  The Grand Frown of The Universe has realized that he could not digest our protagonist because he was unable to give up his personality to become banal.  Or so he thought!  In actualityville, the mayor recently decreed that much of this is actually only perception, caused by the distant human descendant’s matrix of understanding, his paradigm, created by his socialization, and his various lamps which imbue young human descendants with the necessary social constructs to be totally useless to themselves and society, as Barhalluu the Wise intended.  Due to these measures, one such socially integral force imbued by blaser (bland laser) was the force of self-doubt, or Doublington’s Force, named after Chauncey Doublington, the world’s first human descendant without self-doubt.  His irritatingly self confident poncery caused his extensively planned murder, and in memory of this horrid blitheness, the very thing he most lacked was burdened with his name (as at the time, people’s names were vast megalithic monumental structures, akin to the first Earth Layer’s Pyramids of Giza, only seeping nomenclaturational greases and oils.)

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Bitter End Ep2 – Second Chances

THE BITTER END – EPISODE 2: Second Chances from The Bitter End on Vimeo.

I laughed and someone heard it, so it must have been out loud.

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Day 21: Things furled and unfurled are unfurled and furled respectively

futureccapeMeanwihle, inside the Pale Frown of the Universe…

“I think Obama’s honey-moon is over.”

The firmament arched like a vast emptiness like the emptiness between Matrimonions, the married onions that act as surrogate married couples for people in love who dont’ want to ruin that good feeling. My plan wasn’t working. banality might be insufficient, like a clown with an egg. Yet I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

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Day 17: Shame based face haste

futureccapeMy companion asked his suit to cloak itself, so that only the inner man would be visible. Grumbling it complied, with a sense of dismal mood at the realization that this meant that its new ruby bracelet would not be observed and appreciated by anyone in this era. It had calculated, it claimed, that it was inevitable that it eventually receive a beautiful ruby bracelet, and ultimately, a matching necklace and two lovely earrings, and perhaps a tiara. Naturally, it brought them into being immediately, along with a mink stall. All of those things were invisible now, and my companion stood proudly, for the first time, visible to me. His skin was green, with a three white striped pattern running down the outer surface of his arms and legs, and with a crest emblazoned on his pectoral muscle of three pointed shapes, underscored with the word “ADIDAS”. Several metal circles on the legs also caught my attention. “What are those?”

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