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10 reasons why couples fight with each other

funny post
1. money

2. You both need the “best of cameo” CD at the exact same moment, every moment, every day, ever.

3. SHe used all your white-out. You need white-out to “fix history”.

4. She says you cough so much you should be IN a coffin. BUt you are scared to admit that to yourself.

5. You both think Spaghetti Western literally means “western”, but it doesn’t. It’s a dish at fine restaurants.

6. If they don’t, Baron Graldivor will use “the device” on their children.

7. She’s standing on your foot!

8. She won’t shut the fuck up about your supposed god dammned anger problem.

9. One of you, i’m not saying which, has a terminal illness. One of you, i’m not saying which, has a lot of syringes lying around. Just saying.

10. You stopped having sex and the passion is gone. You barely talk anymore, and he doesnt’ have a job you respect.

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