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Day 26: Graysian Food

Meanwhile, in another part of house…

“I’m calling from inside the house!”, said the voice. Just then, the operator broke in on the conversation.

“He’s calling from inside the house!” alerted the operator, who had until recently been the trainee.

But i wasnt’ convinced. I conducted a room by room search, many times walking past a man on a cell phone in the hallway, tall and strong with big mits that could K.O. a dinosaur. BUt i just played it cool…

Meanwhile, back in the novel…

Meanwhile, back at the University of Toronto….

Meanwhile, in this very paragraph, I sprung back as (name deleted) bounded to his feet, pushing off the Nerd like he were a lamentable lack of foresight, stringlamping him brightly, in string. All tied up, the nerd felt sudden shame, and the two of us were locked in mental suction again.

Why are you attacking me? I probed.

Quiet! Quiet!

This was getting me nowhere. Fortunately, the suit of mine had secrets yet unrevealed.

“Tyra, this is your suit speaking. I have detected that you are in an interesting situation. Do you mind if i watch?”

At last the suit’s true nature was revealed, at least as pertained to this interesting situation. A voyeur.

“By all means. I am basically just watching, myself. I have no idea how this will turn out. It’s like i can see my body from the outside, and i just sort of dissociate.”

It was a cleverly worded ruse. i wasn’t dissociating at all, I was deserpately searching for some solution to what was likely to become a pummeling.

If you won’t tell my why you’re trying to kill me, at least tell me where you dissapeared to back at the hospital.


He was good. real good. I didn’t expect to have a chance matching wits with someone with 90 billion years of self help books advantage over me. Dammit! The shame-link was waning, the Nerd was regaining his composure, and i could sense another onslaught of inexplicable murder. I had to do the only thing i knew how to do. I asked my clothes to teleport me away. He agreed, but then reneged on the agreement moments later. I didnt’ want to press the issue, because it would make things awkward between us.

I pointed my arm at (name deleted), desperate, and bluffed.

“I have the ability to murder you, right now. This suit contains powers beyond your wildest imagination. More powerful even than your Ixtx!”

“Who is doing the talking here? You or your suit?”

“Me, obviously. It’s my mouth moving!”

“Irrelevant! I’ve seen this deception many times. YOU have to die, you dont’ understand! I have to kill you. It’s the only way!”

“only way? Why?! ”

“I’m sorry,” he said, then, producing an egg from i know not where, he pressed it hard against his chest, breaking the shell and releasing its liquid meat onto the front of his chest.

“Chestmate!” he said. It was a brilliant move, and i had walked right into it. in the game of weird futuristic chess, chestmate was the most powerful of all the egg gambits. If only my suit’s deterministic engine were functioning, it would tell me whether i was to escape alive, or dead. But it wasn’t forcing the issue, no conclusion was forthcoming, and our strange and futuristic dispute was without conclusion. Dammit.

“Look. You chestmated me. I conceed that point.” My only power now, the suit abstaining, was my ability to charm. Instinct drove me on more than anything else, and my scrawny body, within its not quite top end jeans, was flexing a variety of muscles in anxiety. But while i was charming, another man, a nerd, was preparing for his own solution to the deadlock. “I think that your move was at once brilliant and original. Certainly, i did not see it coming, and concurrently, did not hear it coming. A rueful combination.” that was it, his guard was beginning to drop, his egoistic lethargon was forming, the 12 sided polygon of conceit that all men of his era were forced to have foisted upon them for no practical reason. “In fact, i think, if i were to do everything differently, i woudl still walk directly into that one. Actually, my legs were so fooled, they themselves would carry me into basically any scneario you created, without my wanting them to.” That’s it, just a moment longer.

BLAMBARELL! A tae kwon do addled fist blambarelled its way into the face of (name deleted). “Totally forgive me, michael j fox.”

“Chestmake,” i intoned. You had to admit, Chestmake was better than Chestmate, by a factor of K.

And with that fateful phrase, another of my suit’s secrets was revealed.

“Chestmaker activated,” it squeeped. I lost control of my limbs, the suit controlling my motions. LIke a dangling marionette i was hoisted this way and that, an altogther unpleasant combionation of feelings flooding my stuff.

“God dammit! This is exactly what i was trying to avoid!” shouted (name deleted).

“I wasn’t consciously trying to avoid this, but i can imagine that a large part of my unconscious was tied up in trying to avoid being trapped inside a machine suit going haywire,” i commisserated.

“Chestmaker phase 1 active. Potentiation of chest, actuality field dispersed. Groatal splurples splurping at optimal efficiency.” The suit’s calm voice unnerved me, as what was going on was clearly not calm. Brilliant light shattered the night sky, luminous the suit raised into the air, myself within it, streaks of deafing eye-sound blaring in all directions. My floating body resembled a puffer fish, a million needles of bright white casting into the sky, an urchin of rays, no less terrified than an urchin of clays (dont’ ask, clay urchins are little cowards).

“Farts! I was trying to avoid this!”

“Why?” I shouted down to him.

“I dont’ want to say, i’m not comfortable opening up to people!”

“You may have an anxiety disorder!”

“That’s what people say, but i think its okay to be private!”

I didnt’ ahve time to answer, as the spirally beams of energetic photons coalesced into a single broad shaft, pointing towards the heart of the city. Growing above that heart were large arched structures, like tusks. No, ribs. The city was growing ribs, a hundred stories high. They urgently grew towards one another, like reunited lovers made of bone. Then between them a webbing appeared. Flesh! As the network of veins blazed into existence, a shroud of skin came down like a tarp on some old junk. But before the flesh had completed its coating, i saw what could only be lungs. They could not be anything but lungs.

Greater and greater the volume of the forming chest grew, and on its top, large glands appered with ducts, and fat deposits. At the tip of the ducts, which grew together stems of plants towards a pinprick of light, they formed a pink protruberance. As the flesh grew around, the protuberance grew darker, standing erect above the mound like a keep above a motte. Breasts. titanic breasts. Proportionally, the equivalent of maybe a D, or double D. Not disproportionate, unbalancing the figure, but certainly noticable and arousing.

“Hold on kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…” (that was me who said that)

to be continued…

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